Back from vacation!!  I spent two gloriously stress free weeks back home in Alberta, enjoying the weather (all the rain seemed to miss us when we were there), eating whatever I wanted (there was camping involved…need I say more?) and catching up with all of my family in friends.  Needless to say it was a great time, and updates will be provided in the next post.

Today, I want to talk about cheating.  I didn’t cheat on my diet (becasue I don’t follow one!  Winning!), a test or on my boyfriend.

No, I cheated on my endo.


I know right?  I’m a monster!  Here’s the story.  When I moved to Halifax from Edmonton I left behind a GP who had been my doctor for 20 years.  He’s amazing and if I could I’d refer everyone I know to him.  I got a new doc here in Halifax, who is also very good, and he’s the one who diagnosed me with diabetes almost 2 years after my move.  I also have a fabulous endo here who I really like, and who works for me.  So no complaints about my team here, they are really awesome.

However, when I was home last Christmas I went to see my amazing GP, Dr. S.  I actually called him the day after I was diagnosed when I went to emergency and he called me back.  Did I mention he’s unreal?  Anyways, while there he said he wanted to send me to an endo in Edmonton and after I gave him my vacation dates, I got a referral notice for July 4.

So during our vacation, I went to see a doctor.  Fun right?  Got to the clinic, got in right away and sat down to have a chat with him.  Oh my God, this man was amazing.  Very smart, to the point and no bullshit.  I’d seriously consider moving just to see him.  We sat down in his office and the very first thing he says is “What can I do for you?”.  That threw me for a loop.  Isn’t he supposed to tell me what he’s going to do?  Weird…  And get this…he didn’t look at my logbook.  He actually took my meter and downloaded the info onto his computer to look at the graphs and other info.  That was awesome, because as I’ve mentioned before, I hate logging.  This way he got to see all my info, not just the time slots the books ask for so he got a better picture.  My bloodsugars have been wonky lately, waking up with numbers in the 8’s, 9’s and 10s (and that was before all of the vacation food started happening) so it was perfect timing seeing him.  When it came to changing my insulin, the first thing he asked me “What do you think you should do?”  A doctor is asking for my suggestions?  Weird weird weird!!  I said I thought we needed to change my Levemir, and he said I was right.  His suggestion was to increase it by one unit every night until I had two mornings in a row with blood sugars below 8.  I started at 3 units…and so far I’m up to 11…eeek!  My sugars have been much, much better which I’m very happy with. 

So that’s my story of cheating on my endo.  Although I really value my team here, I was very grateful as well for the chance to have a second opinion.  I really really liked this endo, but I figured I would when Dr. S recommended him.  When you trust your GP, you can trust his referrals.  I wish I lived closer so I could visit them more often, but until the next time I still have a strong team here I can rely on.  I’m a lucky girl! 


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