Rugby, Take One

I hurt.

I had my first rugby game in 2 years last night.  2 years!  Diabetes struck at the beginning of the season last year so I decided to not play and just try to get my body in line again.  So this year I’m back!  And apparently my body forgot what the sport feels like…it got a nice reminder this morning!

I got to go in just after halftime, so I got about 30 minutes on the pitch (each half is 40 minutes).  I was at prop, in the front row of the scrum (which is basically a rugby faceoff…YouTube it!) so there was a lot of impact on my shoulders and upper back and neck area throughout the game.  That’s where I’m feeling it the most today.  Good thing I’m not driving cause shoulder checking is NOT comfortable right now!

I had a blast though!  I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I got on the pitch.  Scrumming felt strong, made a good tackle or two and had a couple of runs.  Definitely some kinks and rust to work out, but that will come as the season progresses!  There’s lot of games to be played!

Diabetes wise, it went ok.  When I got to the pitch I was sitting at 7.9.  A little low for me for that type of exercise (plus I still had some insulin in my system from supper) so I had 2 glucose tabs and an apple sauce.  By the time I went to go on the pitch at half, it was up to 9.2.  Beauty.  I gave my coach my d-bag and told him to bring it out when play stops, which is pretty much only if someone scores or if there’s a nasty injury.  Once I got on, there were no stoppages like that, so I played on for the full 30+ minuites.  After the game, I was sitting at 5.8.  Just over a 3 point drop in 30ish minutes!  So I had 2 granola bars and apple sauce (no bolus) and was at 8.2 when I got home an hour later.  Had another small snack so at 9.5 before bed. A 2am check had me sitting at 6.3 and I woke up around the same as well.  I have to try to find a way to stop it from falling so quickly on the pitch.  Maybe pair it with more protein?  Just eat more?  Have a bottle of Gatorade instead of water?  Lots to consider and experiment with!  

So glad to back playing!  Even with the extra diabetes stuff.  I missed hitting people!  Also, I am loving the post match freedom to eat almost anything I want!  That is never a bad thing!


5 thoughts on “Rugby, Take One

    • I was thinking that. Maybe PB with granola bars? Extra protein to keep up the BG. Also considering swapping my water bottle out for Gatorade on game days. SUGAR!!

  1. Did you set a temp basal decrease? I find this works well for me when doing anything intense. I usually set it back 50% about an hour before my activity and let it run for 30 mins after I am done. Sometimes this results in a bit of a high but comes down. Sounds like you had a blast!!

    • It was a ton of fun! And the idea of a temp basal would be awesome…if I was pumping. Not quite on that level yet so trying to figure out how to offset it with food…yay for diabetes challenges!

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