Ruck and Roll!

Springtime is upon us here in Halifax, so that can only mean one thing.  Rain, rain, and more rain.  As a transplanted prairie girl who’s used to dryer springs, I’m sure you can imagine how well that goes over (hint:  NOT GOOD).

However, with the arrival of spring comes the arrival of something much more exciting.

Rugby season!

 I went to my first practice on Tuesday and boy was that intense!  I haven’t played in over a year, as I decided to take the season off last year due to my diagnosis.  So I was a little intimidated coming back into it.  I’ve been letting my exercise slip over the past while as a result of some nagging injuries and a rough mental period, so I was also worried about that. 

I’m not gonna lie, the fitness portion kicked my ass.  The coach who runs it is actually related to Satan.  True story.  It was hard, but I managed to keep up pretty well and I felt really good after!  It’s during the exercise that I hate it.  Then it was on to passing and contact drills.  Hopefully this is the year I finally learn to pass properly, but I’m not holding my breath…  Contact went well, considering I haven’t hit anything in over a year, so it felt good to ease back into it with some simple drills.  Tackling is going to be a whole nother animal though! 

It was odd though, thanks to the training I have been doing in the past year, I felt stronger, faster and more confident in practice.  This is my fourth  summer playing, and I feel like I’m finally understanding the rules and the strategy involved (slow learner much?).  That in and of itself feels really good. 

Our first game is in less than two weeks so I hope I’m up to the challenge by then! 

Diabetes might be a bit of a challenge though…pre-practice BG was 4.4.  Shit.  2 glucose tabs and an apple sauce (~20g of carb).  Halfway through it was 5.1.  Not bad, keep going.  At the end, after a 2 hour practice it was 4.6.  2 glucose tabs and another apple sauce, as well as a granola bar when I got home (no bolus), to end the day with a 7.1 before bed. 

I have a feeling I’m going to be needing to keep lots of extra carb on hand…if there’s anybody who’s played team sports before, what kind of system did you use?  I’m going to be needing some help on this one so any advice would be greatly appreciated!!


One thought on “Ruck and Roll!

  1. It took me a long time to figure out how to survive a basketball session without terrible highs or lows. It comes down to experimenting, keeping good notes, and not giving up. It will take some time.

    Even with all of the time I’ve invested, there are some days where diabetes just goes all batshit crazy and doesn’t cooperate.

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