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Diabetes Blog Week

Wow.  I’ve read so many diabetes blogs this week it’s been almost overwhelming!  It’s also been amazing as well to hear the stories from all of these people who are affected by the same disease, whether they be Type 1, 2, or 3 (aka Type Awesome).  So here’s my post to share the love.  I know I’m only supposed to do three, but I’m breaking the rules!!  Enjoy!

Daisy at Diabetic Dais:  She really nabbed me with her Diabetes Art Day post, and the fact that she lives in the same city in the UK where I lived for a year made me feel a little more connected to her!

Running Without Sugar:  This blog really impacted me, as it’s the first T2 blog I’ve read!  She hasn’t been blogging for very long so I’m really looking forward to future content!

Carlyn at One Unit at a Time:  She grabbed my attention with her Memories post and I’ve been a follower since!

Heather at Unexpected Blues: Love the way she writes!  I also love that the title to each post is song lyrics!

Adoja at A Girl’s Reflections: I’ve been meaning to check out her blog for a while now and I’m so glad I did!  Also happy to be spreading the love to a fellow Canuck!

So there you go!  5 new blogs I’ve found and will be following!  Now, to spread the love to blogs I already follow, and my favourite posts from them!

Celine at Running on Carbs:  I love that Celine is both a fantastic writer and photographer.  I loved her memories post because she filled it with pictures, and they really are worth 1000 words!

Jocelyn at Alberta Diabetic Girl: I loved her petition because as someone who is also very physically active, I’d love a d-break when it comes to exercise!  And as a native Albertan, I love reading her blog!

Alison at D-Rookie:  Alison was diagnosed just a few months before I was, so a lot of her experiences and accomplishments are the same as mine.  Which is why her Memories post struck such a chord, as I remember going through the same thing!

Scott at Scott’s Diabetes:  Scott’s blog was the first one I stumbled upon after my diagnosis and I keep reading to this day!  His petition was short, sweet, and inspiring!

George at Ninjabetic:  He wins for funniest post in my books.  Check out his petition for awareness on Targoglycemia!

And as always, a ginormous thanks to Karen at Bittersweet Diabetes for organizing this whole thing.  You’re amazing!!

So to my faves both new and old, I think you are fabulous!  Keep up the good work!!


6 thoughts on “Spread the Love!

  1. Thank you so much for including me here and for your lovely comments about my D-Art day post too 🙂 I can’t believe you lived in Leeds too – what a coincidence! What part did you live in? I’m in Headingley 🙂 Anyway, keep up your great work and fantastic writing here! X

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