Montreal, Yoga, and Diabetics in the Wild!

So this past weekend I was in Montreal for work.  What was I doing?  Taking a yoga instructor course!  That’s right, my job is pretty sweet sometimes!

We’ve had clients at work asking for yoga classes for a long time now, but we’ve never had anyone certified to teach it.  I’ve been looking into it for a while, but every course I found was a year long, and super expensive ($3000…no thanks!).  But I finally found this course which was considerably cheaper, and one weekend.  It’s tailored mainly towards yoga in a fitness setting (ie a gym) as opposed to a full on yoga studio. For where I work though, it’s perfect!

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for myself for a while too.  I’ve always liked yoga, I just never got out to do it much because it’s relatively expensive, so this way I can practice on my own with confidence.  Also, as a diabetic, I read somewhere that your flexibility can decrease over the years because of the disease.  No thanks, I like to move!  Also, it will come in really handy for balancing out all the weight training I’ve been doing, so that I’m not walking around like a meat head.  That’s just not cool!

So it was two full days of yoga, practicing poses and teaching them to the other participants.  It was awesome, and I took so much away from it!  I’m really looking forward to teaching it.

It was also amazing, because I got to go to Montreal for it.  If you’ve never been there, you should go.  It’s a fabulous city!  It feels like you’ve gone to another country, it has a completely distinct culture and feel to it.  And there’s so much to see and do!  And eat!  I may have indulged in pizza, poutine, and crepes!  And not just any crepes…a crepe with nutella, Bailey’s and walnuts in it.  Oh yes.  It was incredible and definitely bolus worthy.  I was doing enough activity that it was keeping my blood sugar nice and stable.  Another bonus!!

At one point in the class we were talking about diabetes, and one of the other participants spoke up about it, saying she was a Tyoe 1.  I’m not gonna lie, I may have had a “be my friend be my friend be my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!” moment.  Kind of like this:



I’d like to think I was slightly less creepy, but there’s no guarantee about that.  She was pretty cool about it though, we had a chat about pumps and pump programs (she’s from Ontario, where they have a really good one) and about being active with diabetes.  She was super sneaky though, until she brought it up, I had no idea.  I hadn’t seen her test or bolus or anything, but then she didn’t know I had it either.  Apparently diabetes comes with ninja skills?  That would be a good way to make it more bad ass.  Seems to work for George over at Ninjabetic – I’ve been reading his blog for a while, and I’m pretty sure I want to be on his level.


Bolus so sneaky you didn't even see it!

Bolus so sneaky you didn’t even see it!


All in all it was a fabulous weekend, diabetes behaved itself, and I learned A LOT.  Suffice it to say I’m exhausted.  But it was well worth it!


4 thoughts on “Montreal, Yoga, and Diabetics in the Wild!

    • I would really recommend these guys. They made it easy to understand, while emphasizing things like properbody positioning and alignment, as well as ways to modify each pose. It’s called YogaFit, look em up!

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