I have an appointment with my endo in a couple weeks, so that can only mean one thing:

Bloodwork!!  More specifically, A1C time.

Can’t you just feel how excited I am?  I’m pretty sure it’s just leaping off the page…

Anyhow, I went and got my bloodwork done today.  The annoying thing about Halifax is that blood collection is only done between the hours of 7am and 3pm, so when you work from 730 until 4, it throws a bit of a monkey wrench into things.  So I either have to take off early from work, take a super long break in the middle of the day, or go in the morning.  I prefer morning, it’s just way more convenient.

When I say morning though, I mean morning.  Like the wee hours that nobody likes to think about.  Because if you show up at 7am, when the doors open, you’re looking at at least a 2 hour wait.  Not even kidding.  The past few times I’ve gone, I’ve gotten up at 530 to be there for 6 so I can be the first in line.  If I can manage to do that, I’m usually out of there in 15 minutes, and on with my day.

Not today.

I left later than usual and so I ended up getting there 15-20 minutes late, so no front of the line for me.  I was number nine.  Which doesn’t seem to bad, I still thought I’d be getting through relatively quick.

That ended up being a pipe dream.  Between the wait times for the people ahead of me at registration (only 4 desks out of 8 open for one of the busiest times)m, computer malfunctions, and then waiting to be called in, I didn’t get out until nearly 8am.  So something that usually only takes about 15 minutes, took me almost 60.  Not fun.

Thankfully work was ok with me coming in a little late (didn’t get there until about 830) and everything was done and over with.  Definitely not my favourite thing, but a necessary for us folk with lazy pancreases.  I did learn my lesson though.  Next time it’s and up and ready to go so I can be first in line again!  Keener?  I think so!


One thought on “Ugh

  1. I totally get it and I really hate it. There aren’t that many places around here to go get fasting blood work. I also have to show up long before they open the doors. They only have 3 stations for taking blood. It’s miserable because everybody waiting there is fasting. No coffee, no breakfast, misery all around.
    I don’t know why they don’t have some large space – like a BIG space that is only really open during the morning hours.
    When I lived in Alberta it was great. You book your time online ahead of the day. Sometimes there’s a short wait but I was always in and out in 15mins total.
    SUCH a pain for something we have to do way too often. GOOD LUCK, hope you get the results you want!

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