Sqauts and bench and deads, oh my!

So today was my first real strength training workout in a long time… and man do I feel it!  My coworker who’s helping me prep for the meet wanted me to pick a weight and do as many reps as possible to get a prediction of training numbers for my program.  I rarely go above 5 reps, so to be told I had to do as many as possible (preferably over 10) was a big change for me!

We did the three lifts in the order they are done in competion: squat first, followed by the bench press, and finishing with a deadlift.  So I got warmed up and got under the bar.  I hadn’t done any strength work in a long time so really, my expectations weren’t that great.

Starting with the squat, I did 20 reps with 85lbs.  Not too bad!  My squat has never been my strongest lift so I’m ok with that one.  Probably could have thrown some more weight on, but where I haven’t done it in a while.  My form is rusty and I don’t want to push it too much.

For bench, I did 16 reps with 70lbs.  Now that’s a bit better!  I have an ok bench (at the last competition I was second amoung all the females with a weight of 110lbs), but I’d still like to get better at it.  Still, that’s a number I can be happy with!

The last one was the deadlift.  This is hands down my favourite lift.  I just feel so bad ass lifting a bunch of weight off the floor!!  Again, not my best lift, but the one I love the most.  I pulled 135 for 15 reps.  I was done after that!  My heart rate went up to 188 and I was breathing like I’d just run a bunch of sprints!  And that’s in less than one minute of work!

Before my workout, my BG was 7.9.  Ate a yogurt and bolused half a unit and ended up at 9.7 after my workout…Looks like I’m going to have to play around with that one.

So now that I have numbers to work on, all I have to do is lift!  Program starts on Monday so all I have to do then is let my body recover and hope I’m not too sore.  Because I also signed up to play rugby this weekend…apparently I’m a glutton for punishment.  Hopefully my body forgives me!


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