A Tale of Two Carbs

I had an assignment for my nutrition class last week, and it really got me thinking about carbs.  It was a dietary analysis software, and I entered in what I had eaten in the past 24 hours.  In that particular time period, I had 110g of carb, which is a good amount for me.  I generally try to stay below 100 (much to my dietician’s chagrin!).  However, this particular software (without even asking my medical history) said that I was severely lacking in the carbohydrate department, and recommended that I consume 350g of carb in one day.  350g!

I did the math, and assuming one piece of bread is 15g, that’s 21.5 pieces of bread.  That’s a shit ton of carbs!  I had a chat with Alison about it, and we both thought that was an absurd amount.  I’d like to know what any other DOC’ers think.  Are we crazy?  Or is that a crazy number?  Based on my current carb:insulin ration, that’s 24 units of insulin.  And that’s not including any other food sources.

And I had another random thing pop into my head.  When I bolus for carbs, if I have bread, I automatically double the amount of carbs in it and bolus for that. For example, if I have 15g of applesauce, I bolus 0.5 units.  But for 15g of bread, I bolus 1.0 units. I’ll do that too for things like granola bars.  And you know what?  It works!  I’ve had good blood sugars from dealing with it that way. Is that weird?  Is there anyone out there who does that too?  Or is this just another case of your diabetes may vary (YDMV)?  If anyone has any feedback they’d like to throw back I’d be very interested to hear it!


5 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Carbs

  1. I have an ongoing battle with my dietician regarding the amount of carbs I consume. I generally eat between 70 to 100 grams per day which suits me fine and definitely fuels my training. She feels I should, like you, be consuming over 300 grams per day. There is no way in hell I am about to eat that amount of carbs. I would have to eat all day long and the weight gain would be ridiculous. On this subject her and I agree to disagree. I do find that for certain foods I do up my insulin (things like bananas). It is definitely a case of YDMV!

  2. 350 is a completely absurd amount! I know I have 90grams of carbs/day or less. Yeah sometimes there are heavy days but on average not more than that.
    350?! shit… I’d be CONSTANTLY high. I’d always be digesting carbs because in order to even eat that much I’d be eating all day!

    never trust software eh?

    I also do weird quirky things like over or under bolus for something out of habit because it just WORKS for some reason. Totally normal right?

  3. I still think this is crazy!!! I’m no professional, but why are dieticians even recommending 350g per day!? Just seems so unheatlhy, and like Scully said, we’d be high all freaking day!

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