January craziness

So, January has been really, really crazy so far. I was sick for a while (much better now, thank God), I started 2 university classes part time, I’ve been trying to organize a fundraiser for the Candian Diabetes Association, and I work in health and fitness in January (’nuff said).

So I finally have a breather to write an update!

I haven’t been in the weight room much, as I was sick and that took a lot of my energy; and at work my lifeguard certification is up for renewal so that means I’ve been spending a lot of time in the pool! They’ve recently changed the standards for being a lifeguard so I have a lot of skills to work on! My first day in, I was exhausted that night. I slept like a rock. I’ve discovered though that my bloodsugar has a pretty substantial drop from swimming. So much so that a carby snack is required before hopping in. It’s a nice change of pace to the training though!

As mentioned before, I’ve started two university classes this semester, my first classes in 3 years! I’m trying to upgrade my GPA to eventually apply for a Masters and it’s been pretty busy so far. One class is on Monday nights and the other is online and both have quite a bit of reading. Throw that on top of a full time job, and volleyball officiating most weekends and you’ve got a very busy Ali! Social life? What’s that?

In diabetes news, I’m back on pre-meal rapid acting insulin. It’s working well so far, and is keeping highs at bay and I actually haven’t had any crazy lows yet. I’m feeling much better now that I was over Christmas. I also got some interesting bloodwork back. Before Christmas I went for my c-peptide (to see if my pancreas is producing insulin) and and anti-GAD (one of the antibody types). My c-peptide came back at 639, with a normal reference range of 298-2,350. According to the paperwork, it’s levels typically seen in fasting patients. But I wasn’t fasting. This was after a meal. So while my pancreas is still producing insulin, it doesn’t look like that much. I also found my anti-GAD results from diagnosis, and that was at 54.8, with a normal range of less than 1. So there are some antibodies. What does it mean? I have no idea. My guess is possible LADA but we’ll have to wait and see what my endo says at the next visit. Hopefully I get to see her soon cause I have a lot of questions!!

So that’s my life right now. Lots going on right now to keep me occupied. In the meantime, please send tea (coffee = ugh in my world). I need all the caffeine I can get my hands on!


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