Merry 2013!!!

So I meant to write this sooner, but I’ve been laid up with a bug for the past few days.  I haven’t been this sick for a long time and I’m really not a fan!!  However, my blood sugars have thankfully been nice and stable so it’s one thing I haven’t had to worry about.  Also, Halls have sugar.  In case you didn’t know – cause I sure didn’t!

Anyways, Christmas is over again for the year and I had a marvelous vacation!  I left the boyfriend back here in Halifax (in plus temperatures and rain, I might add), while I hopped on a plane back to Alberta and my family.

ImageLittle piece of Northern Alberta heaven right there!  Where they were having the coldest Christmas is 20 years.  Not even kidding.  Temperatures were ranging from -38 to -42.  I went outside for 2 minutes after a shower one afternoon and my hair froze.  True story.  But it was still awesome and amazing to be home and see all of my friends and family that I haven’t seen since last Christmas.  For most of them, this was their first time seeing me since my diagnosis so there were a lot of questions being thrown around.  I also had the chance to talk to my uncle who has Type 2, and it was nice having someone to talk to who knows what’s going on!

I had a blast.  After that it was a trip to Edmonton to see all my friends there and for New Years celebrations.  May have partied a little too hard, as this picture adequately describes me and a friend the next day:


Courtesy of

 However, I had a lot of fun, celebrating with some amazing people that I don’t see often enough! Love and miss you guys!  And in case you’re wondering, singing rugby songs on the way home from the bar makes the walk go much faster…and may cause random strangers to start serenading you with Brittney Spears from their balcony.  True story!

All too soon, I was on my way back to Halifax where I was attacked by this nasty bug.  Jerk.

On the diabetes front, my blood sugars were a mess all holiday, partly from all of the food and treats, and partly from me being in denial about them being high.  16?  No big deal, I’ll just take some insulin!  Damn you A&W milkshake!!!  I did finally realize though, that I now have to start with insulin again for most meals.  I saw my old Dr when I was home, and he gave me a stern talking to about my control.  The man has been treating me for 20 years and I have a whole lot of respect for him.  I needed that, and it’s got me focused again on maintaining good control.  I also now have a special note on my file with him that says I can have an appointment with him anytime, even if it’s same day.  Did I mention he’s amazing???

So my pancreas is starting to slow down again.  But I’m handling it so far, and with the addition of pre-meal insulin, it’s been holding steady.  Here’s hoping it continues!

2012 was an interesting year, and so far 2013 is looking to be the same.  Besides my fundraising efforts for the Canadian Diabetes Association, I’ve also started school again this winter part time!!!  Crazy?  Perhaps.  But at least it won’t be boring!  Bring it on 2013!

I’m leaving you with my favourite picture from this holiday season.  The Northern Alberta traffic jam:


Yes that’s a real picture.  Came upon it going to a friend’s house.  Only in Northern Alberta!!


4 thoughts on “Merry 2013!!!

  1. That picture of the cows and truck IS SO ALBERTA!
    and what makes me laugh more is that looks like a crack in the windshield. One of the things I remember living in AB is that you aren’t a local until you have a crack in your windshield.
    I managed to go the whole year sans crack! (oh man that sounds so bad)

    sorry about the sick…. look at it this way, you’ve paid your dues!

    • Hahaha, you’re right! That is most definitely a crack in the windshield. The only place you can get away with that is Alberta. It’s like a badge of honour!

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