Tis the Season!

I love Christmas.  I love getting and giving gifts, seeing my family and celebrating with my friends, and the food.  I really really like the food!  I’ll even sing a Christmas carol or two, but only when there’s wine readily available. 

However, the days leading up to Christmas aren’t that fun for me, especially this year.  I’m leaving to see my family across the country on Sunday and it’s taking FOREVER to get here.  Work is super busy this year, when in the past at this time it’s been really easy leading up to the holidays.  I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been short staffed since October.  I’ve been checked out since last week, just doing what I need to to get by.  I just want to get home!  As a result I’m stressed, tired, and haven’t been working out. 

Once I get there though…it’s going to be awesome!  Just what I need to recharge my batteries and get on track.  Seeing my family (especially my sister and my nieces (aka – her cats)), and all of my friends that I haven’t seen since the last time I was home.  Being this far away from all of them is hard sometimes, so I’m so happy for every chance I get to see them.  And maybe have a drink or two…or 6 🙂

I’m hoping diabetes behaves so I can indulge a little bit more…I love me some Christmas goodies!  But we’ll have to see.  My fasting numbers have slowly been  creeping up and  I’m getting higher post meal numbers as well…so it might be catching up with me.  But here’s hoping it’s not until January!

I probably won’t be writing much until after my vaction, so to anybody who’s reading:

Have a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!  And if you’re travelling, safe journey to your destination and enjoy your time with your loved ones.  Assuming of course, that the apocalypse passes us by 😉


6 thoughts on “Tis the Season!

  1. Oh PS… I found a Prevention magazine about eating to balance your blood sugars or something like that? We’ll have to take a look when you’re home.

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