Unleash the Nerd

It’s not a secret that I have a big inner nerd.  I love useless bits of trivia, find random things fascinating and am always looking for new opportunities to learn new things.  I like knowledge.  One of the first things I did when I got diagnosed was to try to dig up as much information about diabetes as I could, be it through books or blogs.  That’s how I work.

I got an early Christmas present yesterday that has my nerdy side singing and dancing.  I got a heart rate monitor!!!!!  *Insert squeals of joy and happy dance here*.  I’ve been wanting one for a long time, and with my old watch starting to fall apart, my boyfriend got one for me for Christmas.  Since he’s so awesome (read: since I annoyed him about it and whined so much) he gave it to me yesterday.

It’s awesome.  It’s a Timex Ironman, the same as my last watch, and I already love it.  I read through the whole instruction manual and got up this morning to go for a run just so I could try it.  I’ve already been thinking about heart rate training zones, how to incorporate it into interval training, as well as seeing how my heart rate recovers after a workout.  Oh, and to see how hard my heart actually works during heavy lifting sessions.  Did I mention I’m a nerd??

So this morning, I did my first run.  I was running late this morning (which if you know me, really isn’t that much of a surprise), so I had to limit it for twenty minutes.  And after Monday’s run fail, I am happy to report that my time c onstraints were the only limiting factor of this run.  It felt great and I established a good rhythm.

So, the watch.  One thing I love about it, is it records all of my information so I can review it later.  Average heart rate, peak heart rate, minimum heart rate, heart rate recovery, and calories burned.  I ran for 20 minutes, with an average HR of 157 beats per minute (bpm), peak HR of 185, minimum HR of 105, and a heart rate recovery of 34 beats in one minute.  Fascinating stuff!  It seemed when I looked at it that I spent a lot of time in the 170-180 range, which  I thought was a little high since I was running at a fairly comfortable pace.  I expected it to be lower.  Peak heart rate I also thought was a little high, considering my predicted HR max is 194 bpm and this was a sub maximal run.  I was happy with the recovery aspect of my heart rate, since that can be a very good indicator of fitness.  A 34 beat drop in one minute is not too shabby!

So even though the numbers were different that I expected, I’m glad I have them.  Now I can see how they change, how I can change my intensity and use it to judge my improvements.  I love the numbers!  And this will be a much more objective feedback than my own perspective and perceived exertion.  So bring on the training!  I can’t wait to see where it goes!


2 thoughts on “Unleash the Nerd

  1. WOOT!
    my training took a totally different path once I got a HR Monitor. knowledge is power right? you can learn so much about your body. Just don’t focus too much 😉

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