Workout Fail…Or Did It?

Ok, I’ll admit it…I’ve been slacking in the gym lately.  My workout frequency has decreased significantly over the past few weeks for a variety of reasons and I’ve been struggling to get back into the 6am groove. I managed to make it a couple of times last week, including Friday where I worked up to some heavy deadlifts for the first time in a long time.  Nothing like lifting your bodyweight off the floor to make you feel alive!

So in keeping with Friday’s workout, I got up to go for a run this morning.  Checked my BG before heading out…11.5.  Shit.  Damn you midnight cracker snack!  Oh well, didn’t matter, I was going for a run damnit!

So I made it to the gym and started to warm up.  My warm up includes 10 laps of a 150m track, doing various dynamic movements to ensure my legs and knees are happy with me.  Most days I fly right through it and easily enter into the workout zone.

Not today.

Halfway through my warm up, I noticed I was dragging a little.  I was struggling to find a groove and to get my breathing into a rhythm.  My legs felt heavy and my stomach was knotting up – not the usual feeling I get early in my run.  I finished my warm up and did one more lap.  And that was it.  My body was not having it.  My stomach was wonky, my breathing was laboured and I felt exhausted.  I know my body well enough to know when to push it and when to call it quits.  So I called it about 12 minutes after I started, and I’ll try again another day.

But all is not lost!  Checked my sugar in the change room and that small amount of activity dropped it from 11.5 to 7.8.  Looks like it was worth it after all 🙂


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