I’m Sorry Feet!

Feet get a rough deal.  Let’s face it, unless someone is getting a pedicure, they’re pretty much always ignored.  We walk on them, stub them, force them into uncomfortable (but pretty!) shoes, and even kick things with them.  People tend to take much better care of their hands, likely because they’re visible all of the time.  So the poor little footsies get ignored.

Pretty shoes! Not mine, but I want!

One of the first things I thought about when I got diagnosed was what was going to happen to my feet.  In fact, 3 days after I got diagnosed, someone told me I’d better take care of it cause I didn’t want to lose a toe.  Ya, that was exactly what I wanted to hear at that time. 

But it’s always there in the back of my mind. They let me do amazing things.  Walk, run, jump, deadlift.  What would happen if I lost them?  I found myself paying more attention to them.  Did they always feel like this?  Does this toe feel a little more numb?  Where did that patch of dry skin come from???

I’ve read stories from other diabetics about how they refuse to go barefoot or wear open toed shoes because it’s not worth the risk. In case you didn’t know, I love being barefoot and I live in my flip flops in the summertime.  I can’t imagine giving that up.  And then this happened this weekend:


In case you can’t tell, I lost a big chunk of nail off my one big toe, and have a massive bruise on the pinky toe of the other foot.  This all happened on Saturday night (and I was sober!).  Now I’m worried about them, and I can see where people would want to minimize the risk of this happening.  If this had happened and I couldn’t feel it, it could have led to infections and all sorts of nasty things.  Not fun!

But I can still feel them.  And I can take better care of them. This hasn’t freaked me out, but it’s made me a little more aware of what can happen.  So I’ve gotta look out for them. They’re kind of a big deal.  I’m sorry feet, I’ll try to do better next time!


2 thoughts on “I’m Sorry Feet!

  1. Keep some oil of oregano on hand. Terry tore a corner out of his big toe nail and it did infect…. Oil of oregano healed in in a couple of days… It is magical stuff.

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