World Diabetes Day

So yesterday was my first ever World Diabetes Day.  For those of you who don’t know, it takes place on November 14 (yesterday, and yes I know I’m late!), which is the birthday of Frederick Banting, the man who discovered insulin.

So how did I celebrate my very first World Diabetes Day?

With other diabetics!

I had been put in contact with someone from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), which has an outreach program for adults with T1D.  I haven’t met a lot of other people with this disease so I was really looking forward to it.

It was awesome.

I was a little shy at first, but the whole group was very outgoing and welcoming and willing to answer any questions I had (and there were a lot).  And there were pumps everywhere!  I definitely didn’t feel like one of the cool kids without one!  I was the most recent diagnosis, the next was another guy who got his a year and a half ago.  The rest had had it for years.  Some for longer than I’ve been alive!

I  really needed that night.  I needed to talk to people who’ve had it for years and are still living full, healthy lives.  Who make me feel like it’s going to be OK.  And they get it.  They understood where I was coming from, the questions I asked and the frustrations I had.  I didn’t have to explain anything or justify anything.  It was an awesome environment and a great night for me.  I’m looking forward to more diabetes dates and for many more World Diabetes Days!  I’m a member of the club now, and apparently you can’t go back!  But that’s OK, the people here are pretty cool.  I think I’m in good hands.

PS:  Just a reminder that I’m a member of the Candian Diabetes Association’s Team Diabetes fundraiser and will be running a 10km in Iceland next summer!  If you’d like to donate, just click here!


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