Dear Pancreas: WTF???

So some things have happened since I’ve last posted and to be honest, it’s confusing the hell out of me.  I honesly think my pancreas is on crack.  No jokes.  Anybody know a good organ rehab joint? 

At the time of my last post, I had reduced my Levemir (24 hour) insulin to 3 units, down from 6 because I kept going low.   I also wasn’t using any mealtime insulin and haven’t for some time.  Well guess what?  Even with 3 I was going low, and sometimes after a meal!  Again, with NO mealtime insulin.  I repeat: WTF?

So I called my education team and was told my CDE (certified diabetes educator) is on a year long abscence.  Umm…what?  No one told me!  But luckily my dietician stepped up (she’s amazing!!), consulting with the other CDEs on staff and contacting my endo (who was at a conference in Vancouver at the time) to help me figure out what to do.

The conclusion:  Stop all insulin.


I haven’t had any external insulin in my system since the beginning of October.  And for the most part, my BG’s have been fine.  Sure they can spike every now and then (at one point up to 15.5) but it always comes done.  Always.  And I’m not on oral meds either.  So my care team is a little confused.  My dietician says everyone at the clinic knows and is asking about me now.  Yay?  Lol.  The other part?  My A1C was 4.7, 3 months after diagnosis.  My first one was 12.5.  That’s a HUGE drop.  And from what I’ve been reading from other diabetics, that’s a pretty crazy number.

See where the confusion is?  I was initially told I was Type 1, but as of right now, I don’t seem to fit the bill for it.  Nor I have  any of the characteristics usually associated with Type 2.  According to my dietician I’m an interesting case.  Which is really what every patient wants to hear (and if you can’t tell, that last statement was loaded with sarcasm.  Fact). 

So as of right now, I really have no idea what’s going on.  Am I just having a really amazing honeymoon period?  Am I LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults)?  Am I an uncommon case of Type 2?  I’m getting frustrated and I just want answers, and to know what the hell my body is doing.  I hate not knowing, and Google isn’t helping me on this one! 

Luckily, after hearing about what was going on, my endo scheduled an appointment with me as soon as she could.  So I see her next week and hopefully she has some more conclusive stuff.  If not, it’s been almost 5 months since I’ve seen her so we should have lots to talk about.  Fingers crossed.

Until then, I’ll just keep testing and eating as well as I can to keep my BG’s stable.  Which is really hard right now because Halloween just passed…Damn you tiny Mars bars!!


2 thoughts on “Dear Pancreas: WTF???

  1. Wow. This is strange. I’m really curious to see what your endo is going to say about all this. Hopefully she’ll have some good answers for you and you’ll be able to resolve this little mystery!

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