Complete care?

So the 10km  training is going well.  Getting some runs in, checking my sugars every 15 minutes and just trying to log some miles right now.  Thankfully, the honeymoon is again making everything stupid easy right now, so I really can’t complain!  Well, except for the running part.  Still don’t like it, but hoping I hit my groove soon!

I’ve been poring over all of my exercise physiology notes and textbooks to try to wrap my head about the energy systems and which ones use carbohydrate as fuel.  I have a background in it and it makes my head hurt, I can’t imagine if I didn’t know anything about it!  However, I have no experience balancing aerobic activity and diabetes.  So I reached out.  I’ve been going on information and help from both Scully and Celine.  Celine comes with a lot of details which pleases my nerdy little brain!  These women are amazing, they do marathons and triathlons and all sorts of awesome stuff!  So check em out!

One reason I started reaching out to the DOC about this is that my diabetes care team couldn’t tell me much about what to do when exercising.  They could only give me general guidelines, nothing specific or any strategies to try.  And that was only pertaining to aerobic activity.  They had pretty much zero information about weight training.

With all the information out there about how exercise has such a positive effect on diabetes (especially Type 2) it amazes me that diabetes education centres do not have exercise specialists on staff.  Don’t get me wrong, the people there are absolutely amazing and phenomenal.  But exercise isn’t necessarily something that they specialize in, which is really unfortunate.  I think that a care team including an exercise professional could really benefit a lot of people, not just by encouraging people to work out, but to help keep them accountable too.  Diabetics have access to dieticians, nurses, foot specialists and all sorts of others depending on their disease and what  complications (if any) that they have.  And yet they have to pay to have someone to consult with them about exercise?  And even then there’s no guarantee that they have the knowledge to work with someone with diabetes.  Doesn’t seem quite right to me.


4 thoughts on “Complete care?

  1. I completely agree. I am a long distance runner who also loves to swim and spin. My care team is awesome but could not help me with questions around exercise. I find that running can often cause my sugars to spike and then drop drastically and so I reached out and got some fabulous advice from the DOC. I have learned that a lot of it is a scientific experiment of one! If you have questions that I may be able to help with let me know. We can all learn from each other!

    • Yes, it’s definitely been a learning experience! But like you said, the people I’ve talked to in the DOC have been amazing and more than helpful with all of their tips and tricks. So glad they’re there to draw information from!

  2. I think one of the hardest things about all of this is that we’re all so different. It comes down to collecting a lot of other people’s experiences and then experimenting with them on ourselves.

    By sharing your story with everyone here, you’re contributing a great deal to what others will find when they start looking too. Thank you!

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