Bad Habits

So the honeymoon is still going strong!  Stable blood sugars and almost no meal time insulin!  The only time I take a bolus for meals now is if I have any sort of bread or pasta.  Strangely those affect my blood sugars waaaaaaaay more than almost anything else I eat.  Including cookies and chips!  Kind of weird, but I’m rolling with it and trying to research why that would have such an impact on it.  When I find anything interesting I’ll let you know!

The devil!!

Unfortunately, along with stable blood sugars comes the formation of bad habits.  My management has become so easy at this point that I’ve been letting a lot of things slide.  And not just little things.  Big ones.  Including:

1) Not checking my blood sugar before I eat

2) Not checking my blood sugar post meal

3) Not practicing my carb counting when I’m eating a meal

4) Increased amount of junk food snacking

5) Not logging my sugars or insulin dose

And the last, and probably most important one:

6) Not keeping a form of sugar on me at all times.

The last one is most important.  Not having sugar on me is extraordinarily dangerous in the event of a crazy low blood sugar.  I learned my lesson on that last week.  I’d taken some insulin with lunch (had some pasta – YUM), and given myself a regular dose.  About 3 hours later I did a fitness test with some of clients, and ran a beep test (ran for about 6 minutes at slightly increased speeds each minute).  Sugar was fine after that, a little low when I went to go home an hour later, but I treated for it and was sitting around 8 when I went for supper.  A little high, but no big deal.  I went for dinner with friends and I did NOT give myself insulin at dinner.  It was a really low carb (but delicious!) meal, and correction doses have been sending me low, therefore no insulin needed.  Because it had been a little high before dinner, I checked it before we left.  Still in the 8s, but that was OK because were going for a walk on the waterfront boardwalk.  A little while later, I started feeling low, but I was pretty sure I wasn’t, since only 30 minutes before I had been borderline high.  But better safe than sorry so I took a seat to check.  2.9.  My blood sugar dropped by nearly 6 mmol/L in 30 minutes!  And I had no sugar on me.  I was scared, but tried to hide it so I wouldn’t worry my companions.  Luckily there was a coffee shop nearby and I was able to order a bottle of orange juice.  As soon as she gave it to me I took a giant swig.  I hadn’t even paid yet!  Got a bit of a funny look but I didn’t care.  I needed it.  I drank half of it, checked and then carried the rest with me as we continued walking, taking little sips for the next 15 minutes. Thankfully all was well after that and I didn’t have any re-occurrences that night.

I had no idea my blood sugar could drop like that  and it completely took me by surprise and unprepared.  My only theory is that the aerobic activity I did must have had an effect on it. The thing that gets me is that it was totally preventable, had I just made sure I was carrying sugar.  So needless to say I learned my lesson and have since stashed some away everywhere I could possibly think of.  Including my car, my desk, my boyfriend’s house, 3 different purses and my gym bag.  Paranoid?  Yup.  Safe?  That’s a big hell yes.  And that’s all that matters.


One thought on “Bad Habits

  1. It has surprised me a few times how quickly my blood sugar can drop. I definitely find that if I have run or done any intense exercise it effects me many hours later and can result in some yucky lows!

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