Training numbers

So it’s coming up to the time that I’m supposed to get my A1C done again (aka the diabetic report card) so instead of focusing on that, I’m choosing to focus on some numbers I’m actually excited about…my training numbers!

As some of you know, I’m hoping to compete in the Easten Canadian Powerlifting meet here in Nova Scotia in November.  I’m hoping to at least equal my numbers from my last meet (143lb squat, 110lb bench press and 243lb deadlift), and if my training keeps going the way it’s going, I should surpass that!

So here’s my favourite numbers from this week:

12: The number of chin ups I did (not consecutively, but in 6 sets of 2 reps)

100: 2.5 reps of 100lbs on the bench press

175: 5 reps of 175lbs on the deadlift (that’s bodyweight plus 20lbs!)

5.5: Average BG (blood glucose levels) after my workouts!

Looks like some good numbers to me!  Here’s hoping my A1C brings me as much joy as those ones!


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