The Honeymoon

Before anybody starts to freak out, I DID NOT GET MARRIED.  This is not about my honeymoon.  Rather, it’s about the honeymoon my pancreas and diabetes are taking to celebrate getting together.  Those jerks.

Let’s back up a couple of steps.  Since being diagnosed, my sugars have been running fairly stable, with no crazy swings in highs or lows.  The only time I’ve had to adjust my insulin dosage was when I switched my training times to the morning, to accommodate for the increased sensitivity from weight training.  But in the past couple of weeks, I noticed that my sugars were running a little on the lower side, and sometimes making me go low around 3 hours after.  I adjusted my basal dose, but kept my mealtime insulin the same.  The day before my appointment with my education team on Wednesday, I had a normal breakfast (after a normal workout) and bolused for it accordingly.  1.5 hours later, I  crashed.  Blood sugar of 2.3 mmol/L (as stated before, normal is from 4-7).  I treated the low, but my sugars continued to be on the lower side for the rest of the day.  The same thing happened at supper.  Bolused for my meal, and then crashed about 1.5 hours later again.  Treated again, and then let my sugars run a little high overnight just to be on the safe side.

The next day, I brought it up with my Diabetes Nurse Educator (who is AMAZING) and she said it sounded like I was hitting my honeymoon phase.  Basically what this means is that my pancreas has started producing insulin again.  From some of the resources I’ve read through, the honeymoon occurs in Type 1 diabetics after external insulin is introduced.  From my understanding, the synthetic insulin manages to clean up all the extra glucose in the bloodstream, allowing the remaining pancreatic cells to return to normal metabolic function.  Unfortunately, this is not permanent.  Eventually the remaining cells die off and external insulin is required again.  Nobody knows how long it will last, or how it will react in a person.  Some people go off their basal insulin, some off their mealtime, and some won’t go off it completely but just decrease the amount they use.  My nurse educator said it usually lasts a few months, but she said she had a client once who had it last for over a year!

So after talking it through with her we decided that I would stop taking mealtime insulin throughout the day, except for supper, and keep using the same basal dose.  She told me to test more to see if my sugars were reacting well and to go from there.  So that’s what I did.  I ate lunch that day, skipped my insulin and tested.  Normal sugars throughout the afternoon.  Same with breakfast and lunch the next day.  So naturally, I did what any diabetic who suddenly had their pancreas back would do.

I made cookies!

ImageI was eating cookie dough like it was going out of style, shoving it into my mouth by the spoonful and checking my sugar every 30 minutes.  And damn was it tasty!

But I didn’t stop there…the next couple days were a whirlwind of candy, fruit, candy, potatoes, and candy.  All with constant blood sugar checks.  So far so good!  But it has to stop and I have to get back into a routine.  There’s a couple of reasons for this.

1.  All this sugar and carbohydrate is not good for my physique.  I have my vanity.

2.  After not eating that much sugar for a couple months, my teeth hurt and I’m in a constant sugar hang over.

3.  If my pancreas only has a certain amount of insulin left, I don’t want to run it out early by forcing it to work overtime to deal with all the extra carb in my system.

4.  It will eventually come to an end.  It was hard enough the first time around, so if I keep up the habits I’ve made over the past few months, hopefully the transition back won’t be as bad.

So even though it’s not permanent, I’m going to enjoy it.  It’s been a nice break not having to think about food all of the time.  Here’s hoping it’s a nice long one!


2 thoughts on “The Honeymoon

  1. Since my diagnosis 6 months ago, I still have not honeymooned. 😦 I’m jealous of all your cookie dough eating! Must feel great to feel “cured” even if only for a little while!! Enjoy your honeymoon!

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