Hungover and High

No, not that kind of high.  Although that type sounds like a lot more fun!

I was away for a wedding this weekend, staying with the boyfriend’s parents.  All was going well with my sugars, even though some drinking had occurred the night before.  I’ve been lucky with my sugars lately and everything’s been nice and stable.  It seriously seems like I can do no wrong, which is awesome.  Been feeling great and really enjoying life again.

So, back to the story.  We were out drinking and having a good time, with me checking every hour to make sure everything is OK (I can be just a teensy bit OCD about it).  But all was well so I woke up the next morning feeling confident (and maybe just a wee bit hung over…but nothing I haven’t handled before).  So for breakfast, the boyfriend’s mom makes pancakes.  I’ve had hers before and they were really good, but last time I ended up dosing too much and going low an hour or so later.  So I took a more conservative route this time and gave myself less insulin, thinking it would be fine.  I can do no wrong, right?


About an hour later I started feeling like shit.  Headache, nausea and a general feeling of blah.  And no, it wasn’t the hangover (OK, maybe it was partially the hangover).  I’ve dealt with many of those in my life and this was a little different.  So I started having a sneaking suspicion…but no, it couldn’t be.  My sugars have been fine.  It’s probably not that…or is it?

So to be on the safe side, I went and checked.  Blood sugar at 10.3.  It may not seem that high, but it’s the highest I’ve been in WEEKS.  So apparently my conservative approach backfired just a little.  I haven’t felt that bad in a really long time.  And if it was that bad now, how in the hell did I get through over a month feeling like that?  Not cool.  So I went and had a nap and slept it off (the meter I use gives dosing advise and no dose was recommended).  After about 90 minutes, I was back to feeling more like my normal self.

That was not fun.  However, it was a little reminder to myself about how important good glucose control is, and what the consequences can be if I’m not careful.  Message received, and I’ll try again next time!!


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