One thing I’ve noticed about being diagnosed with this disease, is the amount of “firsts” that come after hearing the news.  Some are completely new, others are merely regularly activities considered a first because of the new circumstances.  Either way, I’ve found that when these come up, they can be a scary thing because all of a sudden there’s so much more to think about.  Here are a few of my most memorable so far:

First time poking myself for a blood sugar (took me about 10 minutes).

First time giving myself insulin (this one took about 20 and included classic quotes such as “But it’s pokey!)

First trip to the emergency room (if you must go, go at 2pm.  You get in much faster!)

First night spent by myself (checked by blood sugar at least 100 times and kept lots of sugar close by!)

First workout (a more detailed post on this one is coming up in the future!)

First time eating out (restaurant food has so far only left me with high sugars)

First endocrinologist appointment (translation:  hormone specialists!)

First piece of cake (I was terrified I’d be fighting high sugar levels alllllllll night)

First rugby practice (physically fine, emotionally not so much.  Did I mention I have my moments?)

First low (shaky and sweaty is not a good time.  Trust me)

But after the firsts come the seconds, followed by the thirds.  And eventually you start to lose track, and all of a sudden they’re not as scary as they were before.  Going through them and experiencing them is what is giving me to confidence to think “Hey, maybe I can actually do this”.



2 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. Hey Ali!
    I just started reading (backwards, at that) and was shocked to hear! But reading this entry? You’re rocking this!! I’m putting you on my list to read regularly. Glad you are feeling better.

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